RCM’s IT & Life Services collaborates with you to build and support an integrated business process

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API Integrations

System: Leveraging technology to make your life easier.

Application Development                

With you from concept to code.

Clinical Data Systems            

Building the expandable architecture.


Bringing faster, bigger, better, and safer products.

Data Analytics

Clinical predictive and prescriptive data analytics.

Data Insights

Understand what your customers really want and run data-driven, personalized experiences.

Data Management

Unlock your company’s data as a valuable resource for your organization.

Data Migration & Integration

Move your data and optimize its value.

Digital Transformation

Lightening Bolts of Genius shatter the road less travelled.

HCM Consulting

Process: Improving the way you work.


System: Providing knowledge & guidance and filling gaps on your project team.

Infrastructure Management

Develop a comprehensive Instructure Management System … from on-premises to cloud to mobile.


Catapulting R&D through innovation in technology.

Managed services

Services designed to efficiently and effectively implement successful solutions.


Advancements in Robotics, Machine Language and AI.

Mergers & Acquisitions

System: Coordinating the myriad of moving parts.

Organization Change Management

Ensuring a smooth transition to new processes, with limited business interruptions.


People: Getting a win-win for our clients and partners.

Payroll Tax Registration

Process: Helping you get set up with state income, unemployment, disability, municipal taxation.

Project Management Office

Provide tangible, repeatable, long-term benefits to your IT projects.


Do what you say you are going to do…and document it!

Staff Augmentation

On demand at an affordable price.

Staffing & Perm Placement

Providing experience, resources, and systems to meet our client’s requirements.

Supply Chain

Delivering Transportation, Logistics, and Operations.