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Jurisdictional Payroll Tax Registrations

An eCommerce solutions provider required jurisdictional payroll tax registrations with their new FEIN. Employees were 100% working remotely with no office locations/addresses.


Multiple Integrations with HCM System

An IT Service Provider was implementing an HCM system from an industry leading vendor and had a need to integrate multiple external and internal systems (10+) with the new HCM system. 

Strategic Consulting

A national health and wellness organization needed an independent, unbiased assessment of their current state of people, processes, and systems in place for the care of their employees. 

Manufacturing Productivity Improvement

 A local Beverage Manufacturing Firm needed to increase their output capability and production yields in its filling lines to meet increasing market demands.

SharePoint Intranet Implementation

 A major pharmaceutical company decided to implement a new corporate intranet using MS SharePoint to develop a robust personalized intranet that informs, connects, and inspires.

Intelligent Ordering

A leader in the baking industry’s existing ordering tool was time consuming and expensive, resulting in wide variation of quality of decisions.

Data Warehouse Cloud Migration

A leader in the baking industry’s data warehouse code base reflected years of different platforms and tools that made it hard to maintain.

Clinical Data Management

Conduct an IT Quality Audit for a mid-sized biotech that focused on the collection, management and storage of Clinical related data. 

Balancing Supply and Demand

RCM was requested to provide services to address the client’s supply and demand models and their ability to execute and manage change.

Bill Gargano

Group SVP