Staff Augmentation

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Staff Augmentation:
Under a staff augmentation model, the cost of hiring for temporary requirements and disengaging once those requirements have been met can more than offset the higher cost of engaging more permanent resources. Moreover, staff augmentation requires minimal contracting effort, has a simple cost model, can scale up or down quickly and has minimal impact on the existing operating model of an IT organization.

Managed Services:
The managed service model drives a measure of value based on planning, as the organization must define the requirement on a service and performance criteria basis. Pricing is tied to the outcome. Should the service requirement diminish or disappear, the associated costs react in kind. This provides the “scalability to demand” often sought in a staff augmentation model, but scalability that is tied to service.

Direct Recruiting:
There are several circumstances where direct hire recruiting should be a top choice for employers. It’s a good option when filling higher-level roles in management or executive positions that require a long-term, permanent commitment to the organization.

Whether your organization prefers traditional Staff Augmentation, Managed Services or Direct Recruiting, RCM has the solution. Let us evaluate your needs and design the right solution to meet your objectives.