Payroll Tax Registrations

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Whether you are a new company, part of a merger or acquisition where a change in FEIN occurs, or open new locations in other states, you will need to complete payroll tax registrations in each state. Additionally, states that have localities also require payroll tax registrations for each jurisdiction where you do business or pay employees. Payroll tax registrations are also required when employees move to a different state or locality where you are not already registered, or your organization acquires a company with locations in different states. This can be a time consuming and tedious process, so let RCM take this off your plate.

RCM will provide the following services:

  • Research tax registration application requirements for the applicable states and local tax municipalities
  • Prepare applications for the applicable states/local municipalities for client review and signature
  • Submit online applications upon approval by client
  • Provide client with mailing information for each application that must be submitted via paper/hard copy