Wasted Toilet Paper - Don't Panic

The Case Of The Missing Toilet Paper

Problem solving, emotional intelligence and critical thinking hit the panic fan Throughout my experience, solving a problem and overcoming a challenge has needed multiple aspects of my skill and attributes to be able to come up with a long term, scalable solution that has considered multitude of scenarios and how to adapt to them. It is important to understand why and how the problem got to where it is in the first place, before jumping to the first, easiest and most cost-effective solution. We need to consider every aspect and event that triggered the problem and every aspect and scenario path forward, not to mention the ramifications of each path. To do as such, we need to be calm and grounded, think clearly without bias and undue influence. To have such balance, we need to leverage our emotional intelligence as well as critical thinking to sift through the chaos and outline various options and
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Rearview Mirror in a Moving Car

Blind Spots? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Blind Spots

With the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have been forced to make changes at an abrupt and bewildering pace. Many of them were not prepared technically and financially to take on these challenges, the most predominant being the overhaul of systems and processes to make them compatible for a work from home environment. In order to more efficiently adapt to the changing tides that come with an almost 100% remote work culture, we must change how we believe a typical work period should look and proceed. We must review our system configurations, processes and workflows as these will most likely be a few that are impacted due to working from home. Current business processes Update team collaboration and communication needs with ongoing check-ins and updates Clarify ownership and accountability Standardize and centralize document updates and sharing process Current system configurations such as: Workflow steps and approval paths Security access points, supervisor hierarchy
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