How do we do this?  By building a deeper knowledge of risk management and refining your quality assurance and quality control processes, new techniques and technologies are introduced and implemented. See our white papers and case studies for   recent examples of how we collaborated with our clients to achieve CSA this using new techniques and streamline development , while building in the testing and validation checks for continuous software development.

We can help you get started by assessing your organization(s) and identifying the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) phases that will need to be updated to align with the CSA guidance. 

Some of the tools and methods in support of continuous software development require you to use automated testing tools for software development. We can assist you in this process by identifying what can be automated and the impact it has on shortening the life cycle of validation. Automated test tools for software development can be used to shorten the validation life cycle.  As we continue to build on the challenges ahead, our knowledge, capabilities, and current experience speaks for itself. Your challenges are our challenges and through teamwork and collaboration, we can see clearly, the path forward to success.

From a cost perspective, we have consultants throughout the US, Puerto Rico, and Serbia. Why is this important? Because we can assemble a team quickly, offer skilled consultants, both on-site and remote, and use a balanced approach for cost savings. Contact us to learn more. 

Luka link to CSA Case studies – Vodori and    

Bill Gargano

Group SVP