Managing At-Home Workday: Photo with Cat and Computer

How Are You Managing Your Workday At Home?

By Susan Noell, Director of Professional Services, HCM Solutions We’ve all heard about the new workplace that is steadily replacing office spaces and overheads that are no longer worth the cost. Working primarily from home will soon become commonplace for many business – especially since most of us are now outfitted with the proper equipment to make that possible. With that on the horizon, the question now becomes: How do we manage our days so we’re just as productive at home as we are in the office? Here are some tips based on my experience. Separate your workspace from your home space When you’re at work but you haven’t left your home, it’s difficult to separate yourself from those things that provide you with stimulation when you’re off the clock. It’s difficult to avoid working in rooms of the house that provide distractions. The living room houses all your favorite

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Domino Stopped by Hand

3 Tips On Working With Partners And Delivering Value During A Crisis

Susan Noell is the Director of Professional Services, HCM Solutions at RCM Technologies. Crisis has the potential to do great harm, creating widespread and systematic disruption. But they can also be forces of constructive change, growth and renewal. It is up to you to reassure your clients that you are willing and capable to outstrip the competition during a crisis and do your best as a partner to aid them through to a prosperous outcome. With 20+ years’ experience in human capital management (HCM), I’ve seen my fair share of crisis and worked with clients and partners to succeed and excel in what could have ended in devastating outcomes. What I’ve found to be most important, not only in a crisis situation, but in an everyday partnership, are communication, honesty, and flexibility. Communication Having an open line of communication with partners from the beginning of your partnership assures clients that

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